Grecii ortodocsi s-au adunat duminica dupa-amiaza in fata Parlamentului din Atena, pentru a protesta impotriva satanicelor carduri ID, a celor bancare si a numerelor pentru plata taxelor.

Deasemenea au strigat impotriva construirii primei moschei oficiale pe care guvernul vrea s-o construiasca in Atena:

,,Suntem pregatiti sa ne jertfim vietile, numai sa nu se construiasca moscheea! Grecia este un pamant al Sfintilor si Martirilor, nu un loc pentru moschee!

Urmariti imaginile video mai jos:

Fundamentalists hold anti- electronic ID and anti-mosque prote…

Greek Orthodox Christian extremists hold a rally on Sunday evening outside the Parliament in Athens, against the new electronic ID cards "which have the sign of the Antichrist" as they say. They also protest against the city's first official mosque that is about to be built by the Government. "We are ready to loose our life against the mosque! Greece is a land of saints and heroes and there is no place for a mosque." they say. Athens Greece 21 May 2017.Watch Full HD video at:Στα Προπύλαια και έξω από την Βουλή διαδήλωσαν φανατικοί ορθόδοξοι Χριστιανοί και ζηλωτές ιερωμένοι ενάντια στην κάρτα του πολίτη και ενάντια στο Μουσουλμανικό Τέμενος της Αθήνας που κτίζεται. "Θα δώσουμε και την ζωή μας για να μη γίνει Τζαμί" δηλώνουν χαρακτηριστικά. Αθήνα 21 Μάη 2017.

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